Xuanwu Lake Park

Nanjing has a number of parks that aren’t really worth visiting due to over-pricing and being boring. Xuanwu Lake Park is the exception. Somewhat evocative of Fairy Islet on West Lake, the park is made up of five small islands connected by land bridges. Each island features different trees and flowers and there are also a few halls and temples spread across them. Alternatively you can skip the islands and simply walk around the lake for free. The Nanjing City Walls stretch along a good part of the west and south sides of the lake.

Admission: ¥30 in high season (01/03-31/05; 01/09-20/11); ¥20 in low season (12/12-29/02; 01/06-31/08). Open: 7-21.

Directions: The easiest access point is from Xuanwumen (Xuanwu Gate), right by the subway stop of the same name. There is another convenient entrance at Jiefang Gate, just near the Jiming Temple.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去玄武湖景区(玄武门) , 谢谢。 (Please take me to Xuanwu Lake Park (at Xuanwu Gate). Thank you.)