Yangtze River Bridge

Opened at the end of 1968, this bridge is the longest road and rail bridge in the world. The dual road and rail component of the bridge measures over 1.5km, while the bridge approach adds another 3km to the length. It was a big engineering feat for the Chinese who had previously relied on foreign assistance to build bridges of a similar scale. But once the Soviets withdrew their assistance from the project, the Chinese were left to do it alone. Highlights of the bridge include large socialist realist sculptures at either side of the main bridge and some hazy views of the Yangtze. It’s not exactly a pleasant walk across the bridge, with trucks and buses hurtling past and motorbikes sharing the footpath, but it’s still fun to cross the Yangtze River in this way.

Directions: Bus 132 from Guangzhou Lu (about 20m west of Zhujiang Lu subway, heading west) goes across the bridge but doesn’t stop at either of the two stops on the bridge. You can get off at the approach and walk up (about 600m) or ask the driver to let you off at one of the bridge stops. Be warned, in bad traffic this journey can take up to an hour. The other option is to take Bus 67 from the west side of the Drum Tower to its terminus at the Bridge Park. It’s a quicker ride, but then you have to walk up countless flights of stairs to get on the bridge.