Luxury Hotels in Nanjing (5-Star Hotels)

Mandarin Garden Hotel
Mandarin Garden Hotel, Nanjing Located in the Confucius Temple area, the Mandardin Garden Hotel is an excellent choice when discounted rates are offered.
The spacious executive rooms are quite lovely, bathed in washed-out golden hues and dripping with all the expected amenities. The rack rate for these rooms is ¥1480 ($206), but they are a steal when discounted as low as ¥860 ($120). Standard rooms (discounted as low as $75) are equally attractive but smaller and many have a limited outlook. The recreational facilities and numerous restaurants are excellent. The Mandarin Garden Hotel also has extensive business facilities but the location is probably better suited to tourists.
Address: 9 Zhuang Yuan Jing Web: Ph. (025) 5220 2555
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去状元楼酒店,谢谢。地址:夫子庙状元境9号。
Nanjing Grand Hotel
Nanjing Grand Hotel The Nanjing Grand Hotel is sort of a budget five star option: it has all the comforts you would expect, but is starting to age.
It’s located in Nanjing’s university district and quite close to the city center. Standard rooms are spacious and comfortable, though the decor is dated and the bathrooms employ old fittings. Look for discount rates to bring the price of a standard room down to about $80. The Nanjing Grand Hotel boasts numerous restaurants (including top-floor Chinese and Western restaurants), bar, nightclub, fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pool (in summer) and the full range of business facilities. Staff are efficient and speak very good English.
Address: 208 Guangzhou Lu Web: Ph. (025) 8331 1999
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去南京古南都饭店,谢谢。地址:广州路208号。
Jinling Hotel Nanjing
Jinling Hotel, Nanjing With a prime location right in the city center, the Nanjing Jinling Hotel is a popular choice with business travelers.
The Jinling Hotel is particularly well endowed in the business facility stakes, with extensive conference and meeting facilities and an excellent business center. Staff are helpful and proficient in English. Look for a discount of 30-40% off rack rates of ¥1535 ($215) for a superior room and ¥2325 ($325) for an executive room. Prices include a buffet breakfast. Superior rooms are spacious but could do with some sprucing up, while the deluxe and executive rooms are very nice. In-room broadband access is provided for free.
Address: 2 Hanzhong Lu Web: Ph. (025) 8471 1888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去金陵饭店,谢谢。地址:汉中路2号。

Mid-Range Hotels in Nanjing (3-Star and 4-Star Hotels)

New Era Hotel, Nanjing
New Era Hotel, Nanjing the New Era Hotel is a very solid, four-star option, boasting good quality rooms and a convenient location at an affordable price.
The exterior of this hotel will have you worried about what exactly the so-called ‘new era’ is all about. Inside, however, is a quite elegant hotel. Rooms are spacious and have free internet access, a few satellite TV channels and a nice, if pokey, bathroom. Rack rates are ¥680 for a standard room and ¥980 for a deluxe room. Discounts of about 30% are standard. The New Era Hotel also has a businesses center, conference facilities, Chinese restaurant, a small Western restaurant and a gym. On the downside, the staff speak only very basic English.
Address: 251-1 Zhongshan Lu Web: Ph. (025) 8681 2222
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去新纪元大酒店,谢谢。地址:中山路251号-1。
Jingli Hotel
Jingli Hotel, Nanjing The Jingli Hotel is a run of the mill, four-star Chinese-run establishment with no really remarkable features.
It has a convenient location about 7 minutes walk west of Gulou subway station, but is overpriced with rack rates of ¥680 ($95) for a standard room and ¥850 ($118) for an executive room – you won’t get much more than 10% off these rates. Rooms at the Jingli Hotel are pleasant if uninspiring, the same as the staff. The hotel also features Chinese and Western restaurants, minimal recreation facilities and quite good business facilities. An okay option, but you’re probably better off at the New Era Hotel.
Address: 7 Beijing Xi Lu Web: Ph. (025) 8331 0818
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去晶丽酒店,谢谢。地址:北京西路7号。
Gold Star Hotel
Gold Star Hotel, Nanjing The Gold Star Hotel doesn’t have a whole lot going for it, except that it’s cheap and in a good location.
Located about two minutes walk from Xinjiekou subway station, the Gold Star Hotel is right in the center of Nanjing and literally surrounded by expensive hotels. Rooms are very basic, but clean and decent enough, with views onto brick walls. Rates for standard rooms are a mere ¥168 ($24) for a double or ¥188 ($27) for twin. The hotel doesn’t have much to speak of in the way of facilities, but there is a business center and a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor where breakfast costs ¥10. A couple of the staff speak better English than could be expected.
Address: 36 Guangjia Qiao Web: Ph. (025) 8476 2888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去国仕达酒店,谢谢。地址:管家桥36号(新街口)。

Budget Accommodation and Youth Hostels in Nanjing

Jasmine Youth Hostel
Jasmine Youth Hostel, Nanjing Set in a delightful villa, dating from the 1930s, Jasmine Youth Hostel is a solid hostel with a few flaws.
On the positive side, the owner is a lovely woman and the staff are friendly. There is free wireless internet access in the common area, a self-service kitchen, and the location is very central. But Jasmine Hostel suffers from the lack of a restaurant and some bizarre policies, such as having to trade in your room key to use the public computers and the shared showers. Dorm beds start at ¥40, while private rooms with ensuite are a bargain at ¥140. It’s worth springing for a private room as the shared toilets and showers aren’t great.
Address: 7 Hequnxincun (off Shanghai Lu) Web: Ph. (025) 8330 0517
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去国际青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:上海路合群新村7号。
Fuzimiao Youth Hostel
Fuzimiao Hostel, Nanjing Fuzimiao Youth Hostel has a picturesque setting on the Qinhuai ‘River’, though it’s a good 15 minute walk from the subway.
Staff at Fuzimiao Hostel speak very good English but are somewhat distracted. Private rooms are spacious and reasonably priced at ¥150 with a river/creek view and ¥120 without. They also feature carpet stains of a size and color to rival any budget accommodation in the world. Dorm rooms are priced from ¥45 (8 bed) to ¥65 (4 bed) and have bathrooms in the room. The budget option is an 8 bed dorm with public bathrooms for ¥35, but the public bathrooms are too awful to make this an option. The hostel is located in the Confucius Temple area.
Address: 68 Pingjiangfu Lu Ph. (025) 8662 4133
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去夫子庙国际青年旅馆,谢谢。地址:夫子庙平江府路68号。
Sunflower Youth Hostel
Sunflower Youth Hostel, Nanjing Sunflower Youth Hostel has nothing to really inspire other than a very nice common area and bar/restaurant on the roof.
Too many other hostels in China with the benefit of a high roof waste it as a drying area for laundry. And the location in the Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao) area about 15 minutes walk from Sanshanjie subway station isn’t bad. Otherwise, the rooms are cramped, unattractive and have no outlook and the shared bathrooms are quite grotty. The private rooms are good value at ¥120-150. Dorm beds aren’t such great value at ¥35 (for an 8-bed dorm) to ¥55 (for a 3 bed dorm). The staff at Sunflower Youth Hostel are ok, if not overly enthusiastic.
Address: 80 Zhanyuan Lu Ph. (025) 5226 6858
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去瞻园国际青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:瞻园路80号。