Nanjing Nightlife: Bars and Clubs in Nanjing

Bars in Nanjing are concentrated in two places. The first is at 1912 which has a number of big dance clubs such as Babyface, Coco, Phebe Club and B.B. King (sadly a dance club, not a jazz bar). There are also a number of bars including Blue Marlin (see review under Restaurants), Scarlet and the micro-brewery Rothenburg (see review below). The second area is around Nanjing’s universities, especially along Shanghai Lu and the alleys off to the sides of this street.

Rothenburg Bar, Nanjing One of the least imposing bars in the 1912 complex, it would be easy to miss Rothenburg.
But it is also one of the most interesting bars in the complex. Rothenburg brew their own, eponymous beer in both light and dark varieties and it actually tastes pretty good. ¥35 gets you a 300mL sample while ¥48 buys you a proper 600mL glass. Spirits are ¥35-45 and cocktails are ¥45. There’s also some food on offer – they seem particularly proud of their real German sausages. Downstairs is a bit drab and dungeon-like, but does benefit from a guitar-playing soloist singer every night from 9pm until midnight. The second floor looks classier and is decorated with large beer kegs. Rothenburg is pretty quiet on weekdays but is definitely worth a look nonetheless.
Address: 2-2 Changjiang Hou Jie (in 1912) Ph. (025) 8453 7218
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去罗森堡酒吧,谢谢。地址:长江后街 2-2号南京1912街区。
Castle Bar
Castle Bar, Nanjing A lively purveyor of cheap drinks, Castle Bar is a large, sprawling venue with a touch of everything.
Castle Bar has a free pool table, foosball table, a tiny dance floor, a few televisions, and plenty of seating. The interior isn’t exactly attractive, but it’s too dark for it to really matter. Cocktails are a mere ¥20, spirits sell from ¥15-35, while bottled beer starts at ¥15 for Tsing Tao and ranges up to ¥45 for Paulaner. There is also Carlsberg on tap and a whole range of buy one, get one free specials that don’t make a lot of sense. Castle Bar might not boast the nicest ambience but it attracts a fun crowd of foreigners and locals.
Address: 6 Zhongyang Lu Ph. (025) 8361 9190
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去古堡神酒吧,谢谢。地址:中央路6号。
Blue Sky Expat Bar & Grill
Blue Sky Expat Bar and Grill, Nanjing The Australian-owned Blue Sky Expat Bar and Grill is Nanjing’s most popular expat hangout.
So much so that the word to label this sub-group of humanity had to be included in the name. Blue Sky Bar features nothing special in the design or decoration stakes, but is best as a place to chow down on solid Western food, drink good, cold beer and meet other foreigners. Spirits and cocktails are ¥35-40 while bottled beer ranges from ¥25-55 with options including Crown Lager, VB and Paulaner. Carlsberg draught sells for ¥29 for a half liter. Distractions at Blue Sky Bar include a free pool table and lovely waitresses.
Address: 77 Shanghai Lu Ph. (025) 8663 9197
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去蓝澳西餐厅,谢谢。地址:上海路77号。