Restaurants in Nanjing

When searching for good food in Nanjing, there are really only three areas that you need to know to keep you well-fed during your visit. If looking for local Nanjing cuisine or Chinese food generally, then head to the Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao) area, where you’ll find a surplus of eateries including Tianyuan Lou and Wanqing Lou (see reviews below). If you’re after more upscale dining (Chinese or Western), then check out Shizi Qiao (Lion’s Bridge Food Street) or the Nanjing 1912 complex (more information below).

Nanjing 1912 Complex
1912, Nanjing Nanjing 1912 is a complex of shops, bars and restaurants similar to Shanghai’s Xintiandi or Hangzhou’s XihuTiandi.
Here you’ll find several Western restaurants such as Blue Marlin (see the full review below) plus outlets of famous Chinese restaurants such as South Beauty (Sichuan cuisine) and Bellagio (Taiwanese cuisine). Nanjing 1912 also has Cantonese, Hot Pot and other Chinese restaurants in the complex as well as a Thai restaurant and, of course, the omnipresent Starbucks and KFC.
Directions: Nanjing 1912 runs along Taiping Bei Lu, between Changjiang Lu and Changjiang Hou Jie.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去南京1912街区,谢谢。
Lion’s Bridge Food Street (Shizi Qiao) Editor Pick!
Lion Bridge Food Street, Nanjing Lion’s Bridge Food Street (Shizi Qiao) is worth visiting even if you’re not particularly hungry, becoming a blaze of neon and activity at night.
Restaurants serving local Nanjing food and all sorts of Chinese cuisine line the street, while three other Asian restaurants, Pho Saigon (see the full review below), the oddly named Golden Harvest Thai Opera Cafe and the Indian Punjabi restaurant, are particularly popular with foreigners. It’s a pedestrian mall, so you’re free to roam and peruse without traffic hassles.
Directions: Shizi Qiao runs south from Hunan Lu to Hubei Lu. It’s about 7 minutes walk west along Hunan Lu from Xuanwumen subway station.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去狮子桥,谢谢。
Wanqing Lou Restaurant
Wanqing Lou Restaurant, Nanjing You’ll often see Wanqing Lou recommended in guidebooks as the best place in Nanjing to sample local cuisine.
However, the lack of an English menu, or even pictures, makes it somewhat inaccessible to foreigners. Not to worry, though, as you don’t get much of a choice anyway. Wang Qing Lou simply offers set meals priced at ¥100-200. Pick one and you will be bombarded with dish after dish of local treats. There’s mothing much to Wan Qing Lou’s interior – just the most basic of decoration – but the service is pleasant. A good choice for the adventurous.
Address: 126 Dashiba Jie Ph. (025) 5230 6950
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去晚晴楼,谢谢。地址:大石坝街126号。
Tian Yuan Lou Restaurant
Tianyuan Lou Restaurant, Nanjing Attached to the Tian Yuan Lou Hotel, this restaurant boasts an interior that is more elegant than most local restaurants.
Although it always draws a fair crowd, the soothing background music helps give the place a more subdued feel. Waiters speak very little English, if any, but the solid English menu is all you need. Meals include standard dishes palatable to Western tastes such as sweet and sour pork and beef in black bean sauce, as well as local dishes and some option for the adventurous. Main courses are priced between ¥28-40 while beers start at ¥15.
Address: 75 Dashiba Jie Ph. (025) 8662 2888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去大石坝街75号,谢谢
Pho Saigon
Pho Saigon, Nanjing Pho Saigon on Shizi Qiao serves some wonderfully fresh and tasty Vietnamese cuisine with great service.
In fact, the English-speaking waiters are perhaps a little too fast to serve meals (and snap up your plates when you finish), but it beats spending minutes trying to flag down a waiter. Main courses range in price from ¥35-55 while starters are around ¥20-25 and beer starts at ¥15. All the classic Vietnamese dishes you would expect are on Pho Saigon’s menu. The sunken interior is rather sparsely decorated but has a cozy, intimate feel to it and they play an excellent selection of background music.
Address: 25 Shizi Qiao Ph. (025) 8337 4353
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去狮子桥25号,谢谢。
Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin, Nanjing Blue Marlin serves as a restaurant and bar, and is designed in such a way as to allow something of a partition between the two.
There’s an eclectic selection of dishes on the menu: German, French, Italian, Asian, burgers and a grill selection. Main courses start at ¥40 and range up to ¥160 for a steak. The food isn’t spectacular, but the portions are generous and the service is friendly. Erdinger draught sells for ¥48 while Fosters draught is ¥25. The daily happy hour from 4pm to 7pm makes all drinks half price. Very popular with expats, you can expect there to be at least a few people around any night of the week.
Address: 8 Changjiang Hou Jie (in 1912) Ph. (025) 8453 7376 Web:
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去蓝枪鱼,谢谢。地址:长江后街8号南京1912街区。