Hengshan Moller Villa

Hengshan Moller VillaThis fantastical building is well worth a look. It was built by British businessman Eric Moller in 1936. Legend has it that the design was based on a house his young daughter had seen in a dream, though this story is apparently untrue. Regardless of where the design came from, the result is something like a colorful castle from a fairy tale – the kind of place an eccentric king might live. However, the Mollers had to flee Shanghai in 1941 when the Japanese invaded and the house was lost. These days it is a boutique hotel.

Address: 30 Shaanxi Nan Lu. Tel: +86 (021) 6247 8881. Website: www.mollervilla.com.

Directions: Hengshan Moller Villa is at #30 Shaanxi Nan Lu, on the corner with Yan’an Zhong Lu – nearest subway is Shaanxi Nan Lu. Walk north along Shanxi Nan Lu from the subway.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去衡山马勒别墅,谢谢。地址:陕西南路30号, 近延安路高架。 (Please take me to Hengshan Moller Villa. Thank you.)