Jing’An Temple

Although the origins of this centrally located temple date back to 247AD, it might as well have been built last year. Jing'An TempleIndeed, with large-scale restoration recently completed, it pretty much was. Naturally, Jing’an Temple was destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries, but its newest incarnation seems to have sucked all the life out of it – almost as if they’ve tried to make it modern to blend in with the rest of the evolving city. There’s nothing much of interest inside – it’s not really worth going in if you’ve seen a single other Buddhist Temple in China. In fact, Jing’an Temple’s best feature is the two massive lions that stand guard outside the gate.

Admission: ¥30. Open: 7:30-17:00.

Address: 1686 Nanjing Xi Lu. Tel: +86 (021) 6256 6366.

Directions: Jing’an Temple is right at Jing’an Temple subway station.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去静安寺,谢谢。 (Please take me to Jing’An Temple. Thank you.)