Longhua Park of Revolutionary Martyrs

The Longhua Park of Revolutionary Martyrs is a great place to visit if you have the time. Situated next to the Longhua Temple, it provides an extra reason to make the trek out here. The park is on a site of mass execution. The Kuomintang Longhua Martyrs Parkcarried out a purge of suspected Communists here in 1929 – a long, underground tunnel will lead you to the exact place where the remains of many victims were found and to the jail where prisoners were held. Less morbid, and more interesting, are the excellent, massive Soviet-realist sculptures that dot the grounds.

In the middle of the park is a museum about the Martyrs. The most fascinating things about this place is how young the Communist revolutionaries were – many teenagers held significant posts in the movement. There is also some nice artwork in the museum, but there isn’t a lot of useful, historical information in English.

Admission: ¥5 (park) and ¥5 (museum). Open: 9:00-16:00.

Address: 2887 Longhua Lu. Tel: +86 (021) 6468 3059. Website: www.slmmm.com

Directions: The Longhua Park of Revolutionary Martyrs is about 15 minutes walk east along Longshui Bei Lu from Longcao Lu subway station (Line 3) in Shanghai’s south-west.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去龙华烈士陵园,谢谢。地址:徐汇区龙华西路2887号, 近凯旋南路。 (Please take me to Longhua Martyrs Park. Thank you.)