Longhua Temple

Longhua TempleLonghua Temple is Shanghai’s oldest, most beautiful and most interesting. The temple’s origins are way back in the 3rd Century AD. However, the layout and design seen today is based on a Song Dynasty reconstruction in 977AD. Naturally, the temple was destroyed an rebuilt several times after that and the buildings on site today largely date from the late 19th Century. The temple has five main halls as well as drum and bell towers. A relatively subdued temple with some beautiful statues, the Longhua Temple is a pleasant place to wander through.

Outside the temple is the Longhua Pagoda. Standing at 40 meters it has seven progressively smaller storeys and is constructed of wood with a brick core. Like the temple itself, the design of the pagoda dates from 977AD. The pagoda cannot be climbed due to its fragility.

Admission: ¥10. Open: 7am-4:30pm.

Address: 2853 Longhua Lu.

Directions: The Longhua Temple is about 15 minutes walk east along Longshui Bei Lu from Longcao Lu subway station in Shanghai’s south-west (Line 3).

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去龙华寺,谢谢。地址:徐汇区龙华路2853号, 近龙吴路。 (Please take me to Longhua Temple. Thank you.)