Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art

The building this museum is housed in was originally the greenhouse of People’s Park. The transformation is quite amazing, creating a wonderfully modern gallery. The Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to promoting the works of modern Chinese artists. There are some great artworks here, though it’s not altogether different from the art you will see at the M50 Art District. If you’re making a choice between the two, M50 has a better atmosphere, but the Museum of Contemporary Art is more convenient. They also have some interesting exhibitions here on a regular basis.

Admission: ¥20. Open: 10am-6pm (until 10pm on Wednesdays).

Address: 231 Nanjing Xi Lu. Tel: +86 (021) 6327 9900. Website:

Directions: The Museum is inside People’s Park. Take Exit 9 from People’s Square subway station and head towards the looming JW Marriott Hotel. The entrance to the park is just past Starbucks. Once inside the park, head to your left until you see it.