Shanghai Restaurant Guide

Asian Restaurants in Shanghai

Kaveen’s Kitchen
Kaveens Kitchen, Shanghai Kaveen’s Kitchen serves up hit-and-miss Indian cuisine in an out of the ordinary environment.
Spread along a very narrow space with walls of dark red dotted with various Indian paraphernalia, the restaurant feels almost like a dive and at the same time is incredibly charming. On the menu are the standard Indian staples at standard prices: around ¥50-70 for an average main course and ¥40 for a starter. The food is usually solid if not spectacular and the service is generally of a high standard. Kaveen’s Kitchen is well worth visiting if for no other reason than its design: it is neither commonplace nor pretentiously and painstakingly ‘original’. And that in itself is quite rare.
Ph. (021) 6248 8292 Open: 11:30-14:30; 17:30-0:00
Address: 231 Huashan Lu, 2nd floor Subway: Changshu Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去凯文厨房,谢谢。地址:华山路231号2楼, 近延安西路。
Himalaya Nepalese Restaurant
The lovely Himalaya Nepalese Restaurant benefits from a friendly owner and some surprisingly light and healthy-tasting food.
Many of the meals are similar to what you will find in Indian restaurants, but are a little less rich in taste. An average main course costs ¥70, while starters are around ¥35. Himalaya Nepalese Restaurant also brews its own beer, in both light and dark varieties. At ¥50 per pint the beer is a bit pricey and, to be honest, it’s not great, but it’s nice that they’ve made the effort. Capped off with an atmospheric, nicely decorated interior, Himalaya Nepalese Restaurant is a fine place to enjoy a different sort of cuisine.
Ph. (021) 5877 2262 Open: 11:00-23:00
Address: 500 Dongchang Lu (near Pudong Nan Lu) Subway: Dongchang Rd
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去东昌路500号, 近浦东南路,谢谢。