Canglang Pavilion (Surging Wave Pavilion)

Although not regarded as one of the top four gardens of Suzhou, the Surging Wave Pavilion is reputed for its unique features and is the oldest garden remaining in the city. It was originally the domain of King Guang Ling of the Yu Wue Kingdom (907-978) and was later (1045) bought by poet Su Shunqin and restored. It later served as a Buddhist monastery and went through numerous renovations through the centuries. At just over 1 hectare, it’s not a particularly big garden, but it is noted for how it uses the canal outside the garden to add to its territory. As a result of this, the Surging Wave Pavilion is the only of Suzhou’s gardens which can be seen into from the outside. The garden’s interior features large earth mounds, pools of water and proud, old trees.

Admission: ¥20 peak season (16/04-30/10); ¥15 low season (31/10-15/04). Open: 7:30-17:30.

Address: 3 Canglangting Jie. Tel: +86 (0512) 6519 4375.

Directions: Canglang Ting runs east off Renmin Lu, south of Shiquan Jie. The lane is directly opposite the Confucius Temple.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去沧浪亭,谢谢。 (Please take me to Canglang Pavilion. Thank you.)