Master of Nets Garden

Although at 5400sq meters it is much smaller than Suzhou’s other gardens, the Master of Nets Garden is regarded as one of Suzhou’s most impressive. The reasons it is so acclaimed are that although there are a lot features crammed into a relatively small area, the garden still feels spacious, as well as the garden’s ability to change with season and light. Residential quarters are situated in the east, while the garden takes up most of the space in the west. It was first constructed in 1180 by a Southern Song Dynasty minister who called the garden portion of the residence, “Fisherman’s Restreat”. It was refurbished many centuries later in the Qing Dynasty and renamed with reference to its past owner. A picturesque place, there’s not a lot of wandering to do so it’s worth getting a cup of tea here and enjoying the serenity. From April to November there are cultural events held here at night when the garden takes on a very different feel.

Admission: ¥30 peak season (16/03-30/10); ¥20 low season (31/10-15/03). Open: 7:30-17:30.

Address: 11 Kuojiatou Lane. Tel: +86 (0512) 6529 3190. Website:

Directions: Kuojiatou Lane runs east off Fenghuang Jie to the south of Shiquan Jie, in the south of Suzhou’s old city. Show a taxi driver the Chinese below or take tourist bus Y2 (from Tiger Hill, the Railway Station or the Humble Administrator’s Garden).

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去网师园,谢谢。 (Please take me to the Master of Nets Garden. Thank you.)