Suzhou Nightlife: Bars, Pubs and Clubs in Suzhou

Shiquan Jie has the highest concentration of bars in Suzhou. Most of them are dive bars, or verging on it, but there are a few shining lights. Don’t expect anything too upmarket, though. As one bartender on the street proclaimed, “There are no virgins on Shiquan Jie.” An alternative is to head way out east to the Rainbo Walk Plaza in the Suzhou Industrial Park, which holds a few nice places including the Pig & Whistle and Zapata’s.

The Shamrock Pub
Shamrock Pub, Suzhou Irish-style pubs called The Shamrock are ubiquitous in China and Suzhou’s version is quite a solid one.
They haven’t gone overboard with the interior – it’s simple, pleasant and clean – and they have got the basics right. The bartenders are friendly and speak good English; there are plenty of screens for sports; there’s a large, free pool table; and drinks aren’t too expensive. Draught Guinness and Kilkenny cost ¥55, while Carlsberg draught is ¥25, spirits are ¥35-40 and cocktails average at ¥50. The pub draws a friendly, slightly older crowd than other bars along the strip. A good place to meet new people.
Address: 775 Shiquan Jie Ph. (0512) 6520 4270
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去三叶草酒吧,谢谢。地址:十全街775号。
Jane’s Pub Bar
Janes Pub Bar, Suzhou Jane’s Pub Bar features an enthusiastic owner, friendly clientele from all over the world, and a fun atmosphere.
There’s also a free pool table and cable satellite television showing sports or nature documentaries or whatever seems a good bet at the time. Draught Tiger costs ¥30, while bottled imported beers, including Erdinger, cost ¥35-40. Spirits and cocktails are the same price. There are also some basic snacks on the menu, including meat pies, for ¥25-35. Jane’s Pub Bar tends to draw large crowds on weekends on a decent trickle of people on weeknights. Almost as popular with tourists as it is with Suzhou expats, you’ll find someone interesting to talk to here.
Address: 621 Shiquan Jie Ph. (0512) 6817 5900
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去简施咖啡,谢谢。地址:十全街621号。
Pulp Fiction Aussie Bar
Pulp Fiction Aussie Bar, Suzhou Pulp Fiction Aussie Bar is a dive bar. And it’s a hell of a lot more expensive than any dive bar in Australia.
In fact, a dive bar in Shanghai wouldn’t even push their luck so far by charging ¥45 for draught Stella Artois or ¥33 for Carlsberg draught. And Suzhou is not Shanghai. Anyway, if you can tolerate the ridiculous prices then you might enjoy this place. Spread over two levels, it draws quite a lively crowd on weekends and has a pool table and foosball table for enteratinment as well as sports broadcasts. There are average quality meat pies available for ¥25.
Address: 453 Shiquan Jie
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去十全街453号,谢谢。
Zapata’s Suzhou
Zapatas, Suzhou Zapata’s Suzhou lacks the down and dirty vibe of its older brother in Shanghai.
Being located in a shopping mall with a new and clean interior might have something to with it. Nevertheless, it’s a fun bar and can also become quite rowdy. Other similarities between the two include being split over two stories with a balcony looking down to the first floor bar. And while it lacks a garden, it does have a nice terrace overlooking Jinji Lake. Prices are also about the same as in Shanghai: around ¥40 for spirits, ¥30 for beer and ¥40 for cocktails. The menu also features a tasty selection of Mexican food at an average of ¥90 for a main course.
Address: 158 Xinggang Jie, Rainbo Walk Ph. (0512) 6767 2780 Web:
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去星港街158号湖滨新天地,谢谢。
Pig and Whistle Pub
Pig and Whistle Pub, Suzhou The Pig & Whistle is a German pub and restaurant, not the English-style pub the name might suggest.
It’s quite a good one, too. Draught beer is shamefully limited to Carlsberg (¥25) but this can be forgiven during the 11am-8pm happy hour when the price of a pint is reduced to a mere ¥10. Bottled Erdinger and Paulaner are offered for ¥38. The hearty and tasty main courses range in price from ¥58 for a pork dish up to ¥128 for a good quality steak, while there are also some cheaper pastas. In spite of being located in a shopping mall, the Pig & Whistle has a nice interior which gives character to the place and also features some nice views onto a small part of Jinji Lake. Staff speak good English and are friendly.
Address: 158 Xinggang Jie, Rainbo Walk Ph. (0512) 6256 5772
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去星港街158号湖滨新天地,谢谢。