Suzhou Arrival and Departure:
Transport To and From Suzhou

By Air – Flying to Suzhou

Suzhou has no airport. However, there are buses from Shanghai’s airports and Hangzhou’s airport that travel directly to Suzhou. Buses from Shanghai’s Pudong Airport leave every 40-60 minutes from 10am to 8pm and travel via Hongqiao Airport. The fare is ¥82. Buses from Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport leave roughly once an hour from 10am until 7pm and cost ¥50. Check the Shanghai Airport website for the latest schedules (

From Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, buses depart roughly every hour from 10:30am to 7:30pm. The price is ¥90 and the journey takes about 2 hours. Check the Hangzhou Airport website for the latest schedules (

From Suzhou, buses leave from the China Eastern Office at #115 Ganjiang Xi Lu.

Traveling To and From Suzhou By Train

Suzhou Train Station (苏州火车站) is small but relatively well ordered and is located a little west of the northern end of Renmin Lu, just outside the old town. Being a stop on the Shanghai-Nanjing railway line, Suzhou has great, high-speed connections with these two major cities courtesy of the bullet trains that run between them. It takes about 45 minutes to Shanghai and 90 minutes to Nanjing on one of the ‘D’ trains, with services roughly every 90 minutes. There are countless more trains running to Shanghai from Suzhou.

Most other trains that stop at Suzhou Train Station will be coming from Shanghai, destined for various parts of the country. This can make tickets a little harder to procure, as preference is given to tickets sold at the station of origin.
However, there is one overnight, quality, high-speed train direct from Suzhou to Beijing each day (Z86), which takes 11 hours.

Traveling To and From Suzhou By Bus

Suzhou has three major long-distance bus stations but the most important one is the North Bus Station (汽车北站). It is located just east of the train station and a little east of the northern end of Renmin Lu at #29 Xihui Lu. Buses leave regularly from here to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan and to many smaller cities in Jiangsu Province.

The South Bus Station (汽车南站), located a little south of the old town on the corner of Nanhuan Dong Lu and Yingchun Lu, is where you will most likely be deposited if you have come from Hangzhou. Buses to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing also leave regularly from this station.