Xian Nightlife: Bars and Clubs in Xian

Xian is severely lacking in good quality nightlife. It features one average bar street, a few big dance clubs and plenty of karaoke venues. You can have a good time at some of Xian’s bars, but generally you’re better off filling your nights with cultural activities.

Xian has a number of dance clubs, however, they are very much in the Chinese style (meaning small dance floors and lots of puzzling drinking games). Places to try include the nationwide chain club Babyface (on the east side of Nan Dajie), the large Salsa club (just west of the drum tower on Xi Dajie) and probably the most popular, at least with foreigners, is One Plus One (at #285 Dong Dajie).

De Fu Xiang Bar Street
Defu Xiang Bar Street, Xian Defu Xiang, Xian’s most prominent nightlife district, is a rather dull collection of bars and coffee shops.
Each establishment has their own touts at the door howling for your business. The bars are all more or less the same, so you can take your pick of any of them: one that bucks the trend by not having touts at the door would be a good choice. Generally, the bars are nice enough, but they’re unlikely to ever be crowded or particularly exciting. Can be enjoyable if you have good company, or otherwise you might be able to meet some fellow travelers.
Directions: Defu Xiang runs south off Fen Xiang, which itself runs west off Nan Dajie. Fen Xiang is the first major road north of the South Gate.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去德福巷,谢谢。
De Fu Coffee and Bar
De Fu Coffee and Bar, Xian All the bars on Defu Xiang Bar Street are pretty similar, so this review is an example of what you will find at any of them.
De Fu Coffee and Bar is a cozy place with some comfortable semi-private booths looking out onto the bright lights of the street and light music. There is also occasionally some form of live music. Sports are shown (CCTV5 broadcasts) on the TV and the menu features a reasonable selection of meals and drinks. Bottled beer is ¥15-25, Carlsberg draught is ¥30 and spirits and cocktails are ¥30-40. The food is fairly basic (rice with beef, curries, etc) and most main meals cost between ¥20-30. De Fu Coffee and Bar is nice enough, but it in terms of fun or atmosphere it is lacking.
Address: 39 Defu Xiang Ph. (029) 8728 3630
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去德福咖啡,谢谢。地址:德福巷39号。