Restaurants in Xian

Xinwang Cantonese Restaurant
Xinwang Restaurant, Xian Xinwang is a cheap and good quality Cantonese restaurant with a sleek, modern interior.
It boasts large picture windows that look down onto the activity of Dong Dajie. There’s an English menu here and although they speak little or no English, the staff are helpful. Meals are inexpensive at around ¥25-30 and the portions are a moderate size. More importantly, they are incredibly tasty. Recommended.
Address: Dong Dajie, XingZhengYuan Plaza, 2nd Floor
Ph. (029) 8765 6699
Directions: On the south side of Dong Dajie just east of the intersection with Luomashi pedestrian street.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去新旺港式茶餐厅,谢谢。地址:东大街兴正元广场2楼。
Muwu Restaurant
Muwu Restaurant, Xian Muwu Restaurant is an experience from the moment you walk in the door and are greeted with sing-song cries by an honor-guard gauntlet of staff.
Inside is a reasonably pleasant interior and an extensive menu of primarily local Shaanxi dishes. There is no English on the menu but there are pictures to guide your choice. Usually there is also one waitress who speaks English who can help you choose, and will continue to practice her English throughout your meal. Portions are truly massive so beware of ordering too much. Dishes are priced around ¥25-35.
Address: 20 Wenyi Bei Lu Ph. (029) 8788 9730
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去木屋餐庄,谢谢。地址:文艺北路20号。
Reon Restaurant, Xian If you’re craving western food but don’t want to eat at your hotel, the Italian restaurant Reon is an excellent choice.
The interior is very nice – much better than you would expect from a restaurant inside a shopping center – with some interesting decoration and a modern look. The menu isn’t overloaded with options, but the food is very good. Steaks, pizzas and pastas dominate the selection with prices averaging ¥35-45 for a main course. Save some room for their excellent cakes. Very attentive staff round off the experience.
Ph. (029) 8765 6677
Address: Dong Dajie, XingZhengYuan Plaza, 3rd Floor
Directions: On the south side of Dong Dajie just east of the intersection with Luomashi pedestrian street.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去莱欧西餐厅,谢谢。地址:东大街兴正元广场2楼。
Xiangxie Restaurant
Xiangxie Restaurant, Xian Xiangxie is a nice, cozy little restaurant that serves up Western and Asian fare in an effort to attract the tourist dollar.
There’s nothing particularly special about the food, except that there’s something here to cater to all tastes. The Asian meals include Thai dishes as well as more localized cuisine at an average price of ¥28. Serves are on the small side (relative to many Chinese restaurants where portions are ridiculously big). Western food on the menu includes soups and salads (¥12-20), sandwiches (¥28) pizzas (mostly ¥38) and steaks ranging in price from ¥38-98. Coffee is one of the most expensive things on the menu at ¥30, but it is very good. The friendly waiters speak good English.
Address: 22 Nan Dajie Ph. (029) 8721 4786
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去南大街22号,谢谢。