Public Transport in Xian

Getting Around Xian By Taxi

While much of Xian can be navigated on foot, taxis are convenient to save time or when the distance is just a bit too far. Xian TaxiDedicated taxi stands (green and yellow signs) are placed at regular intervals on main streets and labeled in English, and sometimes taxis will only stop at these stands. To avoid communication problems, take the name of your destination written in Chinese and show this to the taxi driver.

Flagfall in Xian is ¥6, which covers the first 2km. Each additional kilometer costs ¥1.5. The newer, nicer taxis charge ¥8 flagfall and ¥2.4 per additional kilometer. From 11pm to 6am the flagfall rises ¥1 and the per kilometer rate increases minutely.

Getting Around Xian By Bus

Xian BusTrying to decipher the bus system is probably more hassle than it’s worth. But those determined to take public transport will pay ¥1-2 per trip within the Xian center. The best all-purpose bus for navigating the city center is Bus #610, which runs from the train station to the city center (Bell Tower), then past the Small Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum and Big Goose Pagoda. As such it passes almost all the hard to reach sights and connects the train station to the city center. Other useful buses include Bus #306 from the train station to the Terracotta Warriors (¥7) and the airport bus (see the Xian Arrivals and Departures page).

Getting Around Xian By Bicycle

The streets of Xian aren’t exactly ideal for bike-riding, but the traffic isn’t bad enough to make it impossible. You can rent bikes from most hostels in the city.

The Xian Subway

A subway system in Xian is under construction, to start initially with an east-west and north-south line. The first line, which will run north-south and cut directly through the old city, is due to open in 2011.