Yangshuo Activities and Things to Do

Hikes and Cycling Routes around Yangshuo

The entire countryside around Yangshuo and neighboring villages is an attraction. You will encounter equally amazing scenery no matter which direction you head off in, but there are a couple of routes that are particularly popular.

Yangdi to Xingping Hike
For anyone who likes a good walk, this 20km hike along the Li River is not to be missed. The scenery is truly stunning and you won’t have to share it with too many people as the route is never too busy. Moreover, you get to cross the Li River several times by ferry… (Read More…)
Directions: Mini-buses to Yangdi (杨堤) leave from the Yangshuo bus station.

Yulong River Bike Circuit
An exploration of the Yulong River offers up scenery that is just as stunning as that along the Li River. While the Yulong River is much narrower than the Li River and the surrounding peaks are not as grand, this area is more charming and intimate and provides a chance to glimpse scenes of rural life… (Read More…)
Directions: Head along Pantao Lu towards Guilin and take your first left…

Other Things to Do in Yangshuo

There are endless things to do in and around Yangshuo. The area is becoming very popular with rock climbers and cavers, while others enjoy cycling through the countryside or drifting down a river on a bamboo raft. It is also a popular place to take lessons in things such as Chinese cooking and martial arts.

Bike Riding
Hiring a bike and heading off into the countryside with no real destination in mind is perhaps the most fun thing to do in Yangshuo. While there are established routes to explore (see above), you can be sure that you will encounter astonishing landscapes no matter which way you go. Bikes can be hired in Yangshuo from… (Read More…)

Bamboo Rafting
These two words are what you will hear most often from touts in Yangshuo. And sitting in a deck chair on a raft while being rowed down a river can be a particularly relaxing activity. Rafts are generally made for two people and can also carry bikes. The best place to do it is on the Yulong River, but it’s possible to go bamboo rafting… (Read More…)

Rock Climbing
The endless limestone peaks of the Yangshuo region provide ample material for rock climbers. There are more than 300 established routes in the area and this number is constantly growing. Routes have a grading from 5.4 to 5.14. There are a number of outlets in Yangshuo that rent out equipment, offer rock climbing lessons and… (Read More…)

Cave Exploration
There are a number of caves in the Yangshuo area. Popular spots include the Longmen and Black Buddha ‘water’ caves near Moon Hill, where it’s possible to take a mud bath and ride a boat along an underwater stream. Other caves, such as Silver Cave, impress with their stunning rock formations lit up with multi-colored lights…(Read More…)

Cooking Classes
Cooking classes are also popular with visitors to Yangshuo. The Yangshuo Cooking School, based in a farmhouse in the countryside about 5km from Yangshuo, offers classes most days. The price of ¥120 includes pick-up from your hotel, a tour of the local markets and instruction in five dishes… (Read More…)