Yangdi to Xingping Hike

For anyone who likes a good walk, this 20km hike along the Li River is not to be missed. The scenery is truly stunning and you won’t have to share it with too many people as the route is never too busy. Moreover, you get to cross the Li River several times by ferry as part of the route.

The hike from Yangdi to Xingping is not at all demanding. So long as you stick to the riverbank then it’s pretty much flat the whole way and should take around 5 hours at a moderate pace. But if you venture away from the river expect to climb a lot of hills and to quite possibly get lost.

Upon arrival at Yangdi, buy a ticket at the kiosk for ¥16. This ticket covers the first two ferry rides. You will need to buy another ticket (¥8) for the third ferry ride when you come to it, about two thirds of the way to Xingping. The first ferry leaves from the south end of the dock down from the kiosk and takes you straight to the other side where the trek begins. Then it’s 20km of amazing, unspoiled scenery: green peaks rising on either bank of the deep blue Li River. This is the best landscape the Li River has to offer, and by doing the trek you see it at a more leisurely pace and much closer than you do on a cruise.

When you finally finish the trek, there is another reward: the town of Xingping itself is a true delight.  Try to allow time to spend at least an hour wandering the village. Read more about Xingping in the Yangshuo Sightseeing section of this guide.

Directions: Mini-buses to Yangdi (杨堤) leave from the Yangshuo bus station (look for the Chinese characters on the sign on the dashboard or ask). The trip costs ¥8 and takes a little over an hour. The mini-bus from Xingping (兴坪) to Yangshuo costs ¥5.5 and takes about 45 minutes. The last bus back to Yangshuo leaves at 7pm.