Yulong River Bike Circuit

An exploration of the Yulong River offers up scenery that is just as stunning as that along the Li River. While the Yulong River is much narrower than the Li River and the surrounding peaks are not as grand, this area is more charming and intimate and provides a chance to glimpse scenes of rural life. Little villages and farms dot the river banks in an area that has an intoxicatingly serene and mellow vibe.

The most popular way to explore the Yulong River is by bike. The standard route is to cycle from Yangshuo to the village of Chaolong on the Yulong River. From there, cycle north-west along the river to Yulong Bridge (遇龙桥), a charming stone bridge in the town of Yulong. Cross the bridge and cycle back to Yangshuo along the other side of the Yulong River. Alternatively, you can take a bamboo raft for part or all of the return route (there will always be touts hassling you to do so). It’s no problem to take your bikes on board.

You could also do this circuit as a trek by either walking to the Yulong Bridge and rafting back or taking a bus to the Yulong Bridge and walking back. But the scenery might not be quite stunning enough to justify doing the journey at such a slow pace.

Directions: From West Street, head along Pantao Lu back towards Guilin (past the local market) and take your first left. When you reach a T-junction, turn left and then immediately right. From here, just follow the road to the Yulong River.

To get to Yulong Qiao, take a mini-bus headed for Jinbao (金宝) from the Yangshuo bus station and ask to be dropped off at Yulong (遇龙). Where they drop you is actually about 15 minutes walk from the town. The journey costs ¥5 and takes about 40 minutes, including a 15-20 minute wait in Baisha (白沙) for more passengers. You might as well just ditch the bus in Baisha and walk from there.