Xingping Village

The town of Xingping is a delightful and well preserved little village with some buildings surviving from the Ming Dynasty. With the peaks rising all around, Xingping is an exceedingly photogenic place. You’ll find yourself snapping away at every alley you turn down. Indeed, the scene of the Li River that can be seen from here graces the ¥20 note. There is a 200m (1159 steps) peak you can climb for even better views. You can also do a further excursion to an ancient fishing village about 4km further south. It might be an idea to take the tour from This Old Place Cafe so as to have transport back. There are a couple of accommodation options in Xingping as well if you want to stay overnight.

Xingping can be visited for just a few hours or you might even want to base yourself there for a few days. Xingping seems destined to become more and more popular as visitors try to get away from the tourist hordes of Yangshuo in search of more serene surrounds.

Directions: Mini-buses to Xingping (兴坪) leave from the Yangshuo bus station (look for the Chinese characters on the sign on the dashboard or ask). The trip costs ¥5.5 and takes about 45 minutes. The last bus back to Yangshuo leaves at 7pm.