Yangshuo Park and Xilang Shan

This pleasant park on Diecui Lu provides some respite from the tourist hordes of West Street, just one block away. Walking through the park you will see old men gathered to play games, old women gathered to sing and dance and the occasional musician performing for nothing but their own pleasure.

Yangshuo Park also has a couple of interesting monuments, but the main feature of the park is Xilang Hill (西郎山). It’s a much easier climb to the top of Xilang Shan than it is to the summits of the other popular hills in Yangshuo. And the views it offers are pretty good: you’ll get a good overview of the town at least. Head around the back of the hill (the opposite side from Diecui Lu) to find the start of the winding stone staircase to the summit.

Admission: Free

Directions: Yangshuo Park and Xilang Shan are on Diecui Lu, directly across the road from the bus station.