Yangshuo Hotels, Guesthouses and Hostels

Hotels in Yangshuo

Paradesa Hotel
Paradesa Hotel, Yangshuo The four-star Paradesa Hotel is the best option in the center of Yangshuo for those seeking comfort.
The hotel complex is laid out around serene gardens, giving the Paradesa Hotel the feel of a secluded resort even though it is right on the corner of West Street. The hotel restaurants and beer garden take advantage of this with plentiful outdoor seating. Rack rates start at ¥1000 for a standard room and ¥1400 for a deluxe room. Outside of high season, discounts of up to 40% are possible. Facilities include a fitness center, swimming pool and sauna, while conference rooms and a business center make it a viable location for a business retreat.
Address: 16 Xi Jie (West Street) Ph. (0773) 881 6766
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去百乐来度假饭店,谢谢。地址:阳朔西街116号。
Magnolia Hotel
Magnolia Hotel, Yangshuo The Magnolia Hotel makes a good compromise between a guesthouse and regular hotel.
Positioning itself as a boutique hotel with a Ming Dynasty design theme, it offers rooms that are clean, spacious, appealing and well-equipped, but still retain a certain quaint charm. Prices start at ¥250 for a standard room (¥450 in peak season), while much bigger deluxe doubles cost ¥380 in off-peak and ¥580 in peak season. Free wireless internet is available in all rooms. The Magnolia Hotel also benefits from wonderful service from English-speaking staff and a great location one block off West Street and right by the Li River.
Address: 7 Diecui Lu Web: www.magnoliahotelyangshuo.com Ph. (0773) 881 9228
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去白玉兰酒店,谢谢。地址:阳朔叠翠路7号。

Guesthouses in Yangshuo

White Lion Guesthouse
White Lion Hotel, Yangshuo If you’re after the guesthouse accommodation experience then the White Lion Hotel is one of the best options.
There are a number of places like this all along West Street and the surrounding alleys, but what sets the White Lion Hotel apart is the atmospheric interior design and the quality of the staff. The rooms themselves are rather sparse but have the necessary mod-cons including air conditioning, televisions and internet access. Prices are very reasonable with double and twin rooms starting at just ¥130. Some rooms have views onto West Street. The White Lion Guesthouse also has its own restaurant and bar serving both Western and Chinese food.
Address: 103 Xi Jie (West Street) Web: www.whitelionchina.com Ph. (0773) 882 7778
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去未来恩饭店,谢谢。地址:阳朔西街103号。
Sweet Hotel
Sweet Hotel, Yangshuo The Sweet Hotel is indicative of many other budget hotels in Yangshuo – nondescript but clean and pleasant enough.
Rooms at the Sweet Hotel are reasonably comfortable, have televisions and some also boast internet access. Prices start as low as ¥60 for a room with a window facing onto the stairwell. There’s not much in terms of facilities except a public computer in the lobby. The staff are pleasant, and while they speak no English they will call the English-speaking manager if there are any problems. And when she’s on site, the manager is very helpful and a font of information. The Sweet Hotel serves its purpose as a place to stay and not much else.
Address: 13 Guihua Lu Web: www.hiyangshuo.com/guihuaxi Ph. (0773) 882 7649
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去桂花溪酒店,谢谢。地址:阳朔桂花路13号。
The Giggling Tree Guesthouse
Giggling Tree Guesthouse, Yangshuo The Giggling Tree is one of a number of guesthouses that have appeared in the countryside around Yangshuo.
The Giggling Tree is built in a converted farmhouse complex and located in a beautiful, quiet area with a nearby river and stunning countryside. Owned and run by a Dutch couple, it’s a nice concept and the rooms (around ¥200) are very quaint and cozy. But it’s a shame that there are no windows looking out onto the surrounding fields and the karst mountains. Also, it’s an extremely bumpy ¥30 taxi ride into Yangshuo and taxis need to be organised through the staff, meaning you can feel somewhat captive. But hiring bikes is also an option.
Address: Aishanmen Village (5km from Yangshuo) Web: www.gigglingtree.com Ph. 136 6786 6154
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去格格樹飯店,谢谢。地址:陽朔市矮山門。

Youth Hostels in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel
Backstreet Youth Hostel, Yangshuo Unlike the affiliated hostel in Guilin which is of quite a high standard, the Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel is a dive.
It’s a case of cheap and somewhat nasty with dorms beds from ¥25 and private doubles from ¥70. The rooms themselves are okay, but the shared bathrooms with squat toilets aren’t great and there’s a dank, claustrophobic sort of vibe to the whole establishment. The dorm rooms don’t have lockers (there are some downstairs) and there is no common area to speak of. The staff at Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel aren’t overly enthusiastic but speak good English. Wireless internet access is offered for free.
Address: 60 Guihua Nan Xiang, Xi Jie Ph. (0773) 881 4077
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去阳朔西街桂花南巷60号,谢谢。
Senior Leader Youth Hostel
Senior Leader Youth Hostel, Yangshuo True youth hostels are fairly rare in Yangshuo and Senior Leader Youth Hostel is probably the best of them.
It has all the essential ingredients: a nice common area with a pool table, reasonably priced food and beer, public computers and free wireless internet; basic but cheap and serviceable rooms; and friendly, helpful staff (even if their English isn’t great). Dorm beds are ¥30 to ¥35, while private doubles are ¥90 and private twins are ¥100. The double rooms have a window onto the corridor only. The only real downside to the hostel is that it has squat toilets throughout – both for the dorms and private rooms. Shared bathrooms are kept clean though.
Address: 36 Fuqian Xiang, Diecui Lu Web: www.yslbz.cn Ph. (0773) 691 9780
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去老班长国际青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:阳朔叠翠路府前巷36号。