Restaurants in Yangshuo

In addition to these restaurants, all the places listed in the Yangshuo Nightlife section also serve food.

7th Heaven Restaurant
7th Heaven Restaurant, Yangshuo 7th Heaven is a long-time staple of Yangshuo, though it has relocated off the busy West Street since its founding.
Owned by the same couple behind Cloud 9, the main difference with 7th Heaven is that it offers Western food as well as Chinese food. Burgers and pizzas cost around ¥30, while pastas and steak are also reasonably priced. 7th Heaven also has some quality western breakfasts. The Chinese meals range from ¥12 for noodles or fried rice up to ¥35 for meat-based dishes. Cloud 9 also has a free pool table and public computers. Upstairs is a small guesthouse with rooms for around ¥150.
Address: 2 Chengzhong Lu Ph. (0773) 882 6101
Cloud 9 Restaurant
Cloud 9 Restaurant, Yangshuo Cloud 9 is the best place in Yangshuo to sample authentic, delicious, local food while enjoying English-speaking service.
There’s a great range of choices on the menu at an average price of ¥30 per dish, while the famous Yangshuo meal ‘beer fish’ is ¥38 or ¥60 depending on the whether the fish has a lor of bones or not. The restaurant’s interior is fairly bland but there are a few tables on the balcony which has great views. Cloud 9 restaurant also runs a popular cooking school.
Address: 1 Chengzhong Lu Ph. (0773) 881 3686
Cafe Le Votre
Le Votre Cafe, Yangshuo Cafe Le Votre, located right in the middle of West Street, is a delight for a number of reasons.
This French restaurant is probably the closest thing Yangshuo has to fine dining, but it’s reasonably priced with main courses around ¥60-70. There are also Chinese options and more general western meals on the menu. Another great feature of the restaurant is that it boasts its own micro-brewery with a light and dark home brew (¥38 for a 500mL glass). But perhaps the real pleasure of Le Votre Cafe is its huge outdoor seating area which is a great spot for people-watching. Unfortunately, hawkers do come in and hassle customers.
Address: 79 Xi Jie (West Street) Ph. (0773) 882 8040
The Balcony
The Balcony Cafe, Yangshuo This restaurant is worth visiting for its eponymous balcony, perched above a free-flowing canal and looking onto a quaint stone bridge.
It’s a lovely spot for a meal or a few drinks. The menu at The Balcony is pretty much the Yangshuo standard except that there’s a French accent to it. Steaks are priced from ¥38 to ¥68, pizzas are ¥35-40, burgers and sandwiches are ¥25-30, and there are some so-so breakfasts for around ¥25. The Balcony is particularly renowned for its French crepes. Drinks are cheap with Yunnan coffee at ¥10, beer starting at the same price and cocktails around ¥25.
Address: Xianqian Jie Ph. (0773) 881 2331