Transport To and From Yangshuo

Flying to Yangshuo

Yangshuo has no airport. The nearest airport is in Guilin. There is no direct shuttle from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo. Instead, you need to go to the Guilin bus station (or train station) and take a bus to Yangshuo from there. Alternatively, many guesthouses and all hotels in Yangshuo will arrange a transfer from Guilin Airport for you for a price of about ¥200.

See the Guilin Arrival and Departure page for more information about the airport.

Traveling to Yangshuo By Bus

The Yangshuo Bus Station (汽車站) is located on the corner of Pantao Lu and Diecui Lu, only a few minutes walk from West Street (the main street). Express buses leave for Yangshuo from Guilin Bus Station every 30 minutes or so (¥17). The journey takes about 80 minutes.

Alternatively, buses to Yangshuo also leave from outside the Guilin Train Station (¥14). A warning: touts (with the blessing of the driver) will sometimes try to get you off these buses (the ones from the train station) before they arrive in the center of Yangshuo. Then they will try to charge you to drive you into town or try to get you to a certain hotel. Stay on the bus until everyone else gets off.

Heading from Yangshuo to Guilin, the express buses leave from a bay in the bus station (buy your ticket at the ticket window), while the buses to the train station leave from the driveway (buy your ticket on board).

There are also overnight buses from Yangshuo to Guangzhou and Shenzhen and a morning bus to Nanning.

Transport to Yangshuo By Train

The nearest train station to Yangshuo is in Guilin. Buses leave regularly for Yangshuo from directly outside the train station (¥14). Alternatively, the Guilin bus station is a few hundred meters up the street from the train station.

Transport to Yangshuo By Boat

A cruise down the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo is very popular with tourists to the Guilin region. The scenery along the roughly 70km journey is truly stunning: with ethereal karst mountains rising from the riverbanks in all sorts of strange formations the whole way. The cruise takes a leisurely 4-5 hours. Usually, the cruise is sold as part of a package that includes a bus trip back to Guilin in the afternoon, but you can use it as a form of transport to Yangshuo and skip the bus ride back.

The problem with the cruise is the exorbitant price. Determined to gouge as much money as possible out of the natural wonder that is the Li River, use of the waterway has been monopolized and there is no competition among cruise companies. Prices are therefore around ¥400 for a ‘western cruise’ (which includes a bit of English commentary) or around ¥280 for the ‘Chinese cruise’ (no English). As an alternative to the cruise, it’s possible to do a good, 20km hike from Yangdi to Xingping villages along the Li River. This flat, undemanding walk also takes 4-5 hours and allows you to survey the magical mountains up close (you also get to cross the river three times by ferry).