Public Transport: Getting around Yangshuo

Getting Around Yangshuo By Foot

The tourist area of Yangshuo is quite compact and is manageable foot. Obviously, though, exploring the surrounding countryside by foot is impractical (though there are a couple of good treks in the area).

Getting Around Yangshuo By Bike

Most people choose to explore the countryside around Yangshuo by bike. There is a popular bike route along the Yulong River, but even more fun is simply setting off in a random direction. Whichever way you go, you are sure to see amazing scenery as well as fascinating scenes of rural life.

The going rate for bike hire in Yangshuo is around ¥20 per day. Try to hire your bike from your own accommodation provider or a guesthouse or cafe with a good reputation. There are occasionally tales of unscrupulous outlets keeping deposits because the bicycles were supposedly damaged.

Getting Around Yangshuo By Taxi

Unlike most places in China, Yangshuo doesn’t have a fleet of regulated taxis. Drivers in Yangshuo mainly use white minivans (but also regular sedans and even motorbikes) and you will need to negotiate a price with them before the journey. They generally speak no English, so a pen and paper can assist negotiations. You can always find drivers in the car park opposite the bus station (corner of Pantao Lu and Diecui Lu) while late at night they also tend to congregate at the end of West Street (where it meets Pantao Lu).

If you would rather not negotiate a price yourself, ask your accommodation provider for help. Most guesthouses and hotels will be able to arrange a driver for you.

Getting Around Yangshuo By Bus

A couple of public buses run around the town of Yangshuo, but it is unlikely that travelers will have any need to go to other parts of town. However, buses are useful to reach surrounding villages such as Yangdi, Xingping, Baisha and Jinbao. Minibuses for all surrounding towns leave from the Yangshuo bus station. They will have a sign on the front (in Chinese) with their destination, otherwise simply ask people and they will point you to the right one. Tickets are bought on the bus after the journey has started.