International Flights to and from China

China being in the center of the world (the Middle Kingdom and all), flight prices from anywhere in the western world to China are pretty similar, starting at around US$900 return.

Flights from the USA to China

From the USA flights to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou start at around US$900 return (including tax) or a little less. There isn’t a huge difference in price between departures from the east coast and west coast. American Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and Air China generally offer the cheapest flights to Beijing and Shanghai while China Southern usually has the cheapest flights to Guangzhou (from LA to Guangzhou direct).

Online agencies such as Expedia often offer the best deals. Otherwise it’s a good idea to check directly with the websites of the various airlines.

Flights from the UK to China

Flights from London to Beijing and Shanghai start at around £400 (including tax) or a little less. The best deals are usually offered by KLM, Emirates or Air China. Good agencies to try include Flight Centre, STA Travel and agencies in London’s Chinatown such as Jade Travel.

Flights From Europe to China

Flights from European capitals to Beijing and Shanghai are priced around the same as from the UK, with flights starting at just over €500 return (including tax). The best airlines to take depend on your country of residence, but KLM, Air France and Lufthansa usually have good deals.

Flights From Australia to China

From Australia, return flights to Beijing start at just over AU$1000 (including tax), and just under AU$1000 return to Shanghai (including tax). Flights to Hong Kong and Guangzhou are cheaper still. The cheapest airlines are Air China and China Eastern. Qantas charges about AU$200 more than these fares, unless they are having special promotions. Good deals can also be had on Cathay Pacific and any of the Asian airlines (including Thai Airways, Air Malaysia, Korean Air and Japan Airlines).

The best agency to try is Flight Centre. However, you might also be able to find some good deals at the small travel agencies located in Chinatowns in Australian cities.

Flights From Canada to China

Flights from Canada to Beijing and Shanghai start from around C$900 (including tax). The cheapest airlines are usually Air China and Air Canada. Good places to book include online agencies like Expedia and Travelocity, while the agencies that can be found in Chinatowns in Canadian cities are also worth a look.