Facilities on Chinese Trains

The majority of trains have restaurant cars where some basic Chinese food, soft drinks and beer are sold. Meals are generally priced around ¥20-25. They are not particularly tasty and there is a slight risk of food poisoning. Attendants also wheel trolleys through the carriages selling meals, instant noodles, fruit and drinks. Hot water is available via a receptacle at the end of every carriage near the conductor’s berth. This makes instant noodles the most practical thing to eat on trains and it’s a good idea to buy them before you board.

Generally, each carriage has one or two squat toilets plus a washroom (a few sinks and a mirror). Depending on the type of train and the class you are traveling in, these will be filthy within an hour. On the better trains in soft sleeper they are kept quite clean throughout the journey.

In soft sleeper cabins there is space for luggage below the bottom bunks and above the doorway, while in hard sleeper there are generally racks above the hallway. Soft and hard seat cabin have racks along each side of the train and luggage space can be quite sparse.